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Day 2 Breakout Sessions

October 13, 2023

First Session starts at 10:30 AM | Second Session starts at 1:30 PM 

Attendees will have two opportunities to join all Breakout Sessions on the corresponding day.

9:15 AM 
Keynote Speaker
Wendy Unglaub
Vice President, Chief Tax Officer at General Mills
2:40 PM 
Closing Keynote Speaker
Gaby Natale
3x Emmy Winning Author & Entrepreneur 
Follow the Money: Insight on How Philanthropy Works

Philanthropy is an important contributor to our communities, but most of us do not get insights on how philanthropy truly works. Join us to learn from foundation leaders about how decisions are made to allocate grants, how endowments are invested, and where philanthropy can be a source of harm and a source of good in our communities, and most importantly, how you can hone into your super powers to influence philanthropy in positive ways.

Panelist (left to right) include Ambar Hanson, Executive Director of The Mortensen Foundation Joanna Ramirez, Program Operations Director at Bush Foundation, Gloria Perez, President & CEO of Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

Ambar head shot.jpg
Lo Que Todo Latino Debe Saber Sobre su Crédito: Los Secretos

En esta sesión de trabajo, guiaremos a los participantes sobre cómo entender, desafiar y evitar préstamos predatorios. Profundizaremos en los desafíos únicos que enfrentan las personas con ITIN y DACA, aclarando cómo interpretar sus informes de crédito y entender las discrepancias en las puntuaciones de crédito. Los asistentes obtendrán conocimientos sobre el proceso para iniciar investigaciones justas y cómo responsabilizar a las entidades cuando surjan discrepancias. Esto es esencial, ya que cada consumidor, ya sea con Seguro Social o ITIN, está protegido por la ley. Para garantizar una comprensión integral, la sesión será altamente interactiva. Los participantes aprenderán a leer con precisión sus informes de crédito, identificar errores y, para aquellos en el negocio de préstamos, evitar fallos al informar. Nuestro objetivo es abogar por prácticas de crédito justas para todos.

Facilitated by Jessica Aliaga-Froelke, President at Hispanic Solutions Group, Author, Credit Specialist and advocate

The Impact of Latine GenZ on the Future Workforce

Latino Gen Z, born between 1997 and 2012, is rapidly entering the workforce, making up a quarter of their generation. This session uncovers their profound impact on the workforce landscape, emphasizing their distinctive cultural perspectives, drive, and quest for representation. By delving into their aspirations and potential roadblocks—ranging from work-life balance to career growth and authenticity—we aim to forge a more inclusive work setting. 


Facilitated by Patricia Conde-Brooks, Executive Director Student Engagement & Inclusion at St. Thomas University and Bradley Pulles, Associate Dean Of Students, Dougherty Family College

Working Towards Systemic Change in Higher Education

Higher education shapes the future, yet its inner workings often remain veiled from the very communities it serves. Dive deep into the heart of academia with leaders from renowned institutions. This session offers a candid exploration of how decisions within higher education institutions are made, the dynamics that drive these choices, and their ripple effects on the pursuit of an equitable future for Latinx students. As we unravel the complexities, we'll shine a light on both the challenges and opportunities. Walk away with a clearer understanding and with insights into how you can become an advocate and catalyst for positive change in the realm of higher education.

Moderated by Dr. Beatriz  DeSantiago-Fjelstad, Assistant Professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato

10:30 AM Panelist include Dr. Carla J. Gonzalez, Literacy Specialist at UST; Dr. Sandra Morán Pulles, Vice President of Equity & Inclusion at ServeMinnesota; Patricia Izek, Director of DEI & Accessibility, Libraries UofM


Moderated by Dr. Beatriz  DeSantiago-Fjelstad, Assistant Professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato. 

1:30 PM Panelist (left to right) Dr. Josefina Landrieu, Vice President of Equity and Inclusion at Metropolitan State University; Omar G. Correa, Enrollment Management and Student Success Leader; Dr. Mercedes Ramirez Fernandez, University of Minnesota; Dr. Suzanne Rivera, President Macalester College.

Josefina headshot.jpg
Mercedes Ramírez Fernández by Silcox.jpg
Gen Z
Ed Panel
ITI Credito

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LC23 Location

LíderCon Venue

This year, the conference will be hosted at the 3M Center in Maplewood, MN.

3M Center, Maplewood, MN 55119

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