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Programa Avanzando Líderazgo

Si se ve a sí mismo como una fuerza impulsora en su comunidad, este es el programa de liderazgo para usted. Si tienes ganas de trabajar por tu comunidad y quieres ser más eficaz para mejorar las oportunidades y el éxito de Latinx, esto es para ti.

El Programa Avanzando Liderazgo (ALP) de LatinoLEAD utiliza un enfoque interdisciplinario para preparar líderes emergentes y establecidos. Aprenderá cómo prepararse y desarrollar la confianza que necesita para asumir posiciones influyentes en todos los sectores de nuestra comunidad. En este programa, explorará oportunidades únicas con líderes latinos en negocios, filantropía, gobierno y comunidad. Su participación puede, en última instancia, promover sus metas personales y profesionales al tiempo que mejora la equidad étnica y racial para todos.

Los becarios de ALP serán seleccionados por el equipo de LatinoLEAD para ingresar a este programa en función de sus necesidades y objetivos únicos. La inscripción y participación se basa en la admisión y es gratuita como servicio de desarrollo profesional para fortalecer a los minnesotanos. 

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About LatinoLEAD's Annual Leadership Program

LatinoLEAD believes that highly effective leaders come from all backgrounds, walks of life and career paths. We all have innate qualities to be leaders and help our community thrive. To qualify for ALP, all that we ask is that you have a desire to invest in your personal development so that collectively we can be more effective in uplifting our community as a whole.

Applications have been closed for the upcoming ALP '24 Cohort.

ALP '24 Application

Recruitment for the 2024 Cohort has begun! Those selected to participate work with a personal coach as well as group professional development framework. The cohort will meet one Friday each month for day-long sessions and activities from January through June 2024.

We ask that you strongly consider applying and passing this information along to colleagues, friends and family who may be interested in our program.

Deadline to apply is September 22, 2023

ALP '24 Schedule

Session 1 |   January 12th, 2024 

Session 2 |   February 2nd, 2024 

Session 3 |   February 23rd, 2024

Session 4 |   March 22nd, 2024 

Session 5 |   April 26th, 2024 

Session 6 |   May 17th, 2024 

Session 7 |   June 7th, 2024 

Graduation | June 8th, 2024

What you gain in the ALP 

With ALP, you're not just embarking on a program, but a transformative journey. Here, you'll harness the strength of shared experiences, a Latinx-centered curriculum designed specifically for you, further shape your leadership narrative, and reach your goals.

  • Comprehensive Training: Benefit from a 6-month blend of virtual and in-person all-day sessions under an enriching Latinx-centric curriculum. Acquire the tools you need to venture into the next step in your leadership journey.

  • Coaching: Work with a dedicated coach to confidently conquer hurdles and achieve your full potential through the lens of holistic wellness and mental health.

  • Community Connections: Engage in this cohort to forge meaningful bonds and a community of trust. Develop the support systems you need to overcome the next obstacle you face in your journey.

  • Leverage tu Cultura: Immerse in an environment championing cross-ethnic solidarity with a focus on the achievement of Latinxs.

  • Action-Centric Learning: Realize your ambitions with integrated action-driven and hands-on organizing components. Envision collaborations for collective purpose.

  • Collaborative Growth: Dive into a nurturing ecosystem where Fellows and alumni uplift one another, ensuring ALP's dynamic evolution.

All selected Cohort Fellows receive full scholarships to participate in ALP. The program is made possible through generous grant investments and contributions from employers, organizations and other community members. These efforts support each ALP member's $5,000 journey of leadership development and community growth through an impactful six-months curriculum. If you are an employer or individual that would like to contribute to this program, click here to learn more. 

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