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At LatinoLEAD, we know that great leaders already exist within our community, it is now our privilege to have the opportunity to recognize and honor them.

About the LatinoLEAD Impact Awards

The LatinoLEAD Impact Awards are designed to highlight the impact of local Latinx leaders and allies who have led with a community-centered mindset, an inclusive approach, and who have worked tirelessly to eliminate institutional barriers and inequities. Through these awards, LatinoLEAD aims to create a ripple effect of positivity, inspiration, and empowerment that will inspire others to make a difference in all our communities.


This award recognizes individuals of any race or ethnicity who
have been steadfast in their commitment to supporting Latinx communities through their
actions and advocacy. Their work is an essential part of the collective efforts towards
achieving social justice and equity. Without their persistent dedication and unwavering
support, Latinx and BIPOC communities will continue to confront systemic obstacles to
achieving true equality.


This award is for thosewho have shown great
advocacy and leadership for their community or profession and they are just getting
started! It celebrates the intentional work and growth that these leaders have put in every
day to achieve their goals. These are the leaders who have shown fierceless determination,
resilience, and a commitment to excellence in their field or community. They inspire us all to
keep pushing, to keep striving, and to never give up on our dreams.


This award is for the established Latinx leader who has accomplished a lot in both their profession and for their community. They have taken on the mantle of leadership with a fierce dedication to their community and a clear sense of purpose. They have shown remarkable achievements in their field and have served as role models for other Latinx leaders. They remind us all that we have the power to achieve great things in our own lives and inspire others to do the same.


Acknowledging the richness of diversity and understanding that impactful leaders are present in all sectors, LatinoLEAD is excited to honor the LatinoLEAD’s 2023 Imapct Honorees. These distinguished leaders have forged unique pathways and ingeniously leverage their talents, backgrounds, styles, and networks to propel the advancement of the Latinx collective. In celebrating them, we also celebrate the myriad ways in which leadership and influence can manifest and contribute to the overall betterment of our Latinx’s in the workplace and in their communities.

Nominations will begin again in 2024! 

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